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      The 28th International Congress of Psychology, Beijing, August 8-13, 2004 (ICP2004), is to organize a Young Psychologist Program as a part of its scientific program. Young psychologists from different parts of the world are welcome to participate in this program during the Congress. The program aims to enhance exchanges among psychologists from different countries, promote sharing of knowledge from senior scientists, and acquiring new insights into special areas of psychology and psychological science at large. 

Procedure of Nomination

      Young psychologists are those under 35 years of age with Ph.D. degrees, and have been very active in research in various fields of psychology. A young psychologist must register at the Congress, have a paper accepted for presentation, and participate in the program of the Congress

      Applicants to the program have to be nominated by a national Society/Association of IUPsyS. The national Society/Association should send in the names, a brief resume of each nominee with a list of publications. The applications have to undergo a review process, since this program can accommodate only a limited number of participants. 


      Activities in this program, which are fully integrated with the scientific program of ICP2004, include:
1. Invitation to a dinner party by the Congress organizer, with the opportunity to meet prominent scientists. 
2. Participation in a Roundtable Discussion Meeting with renowned psychologists in various fields of psychology.
3. Local visits to some Chinese psychology institutions. 


      The Congress hopes that the national psychological Society/Association of IUPsyS could sponsor the young psychologists from its country in expenses on international travel and accommodation during the Congress. It is also highly appreciated if any funding agency or psychological Society/Association could provide support for young psychologist from Third World countries and transitional economies. Contributions to the Young Psychologist Program of the 28th International Congress of Psychology will not only benefit the sponsored young psychologists, but also promote international exchanges among psychologists of the younger generation who will strongly promote the development of our science.

Contact Person

Dr. Jianxin Zhang
28th International Congress of Psychology (ICP2004)
10A, Datun Rd.
Beijing 100101, China
Website: www.icp2004.org
E-mail: icp2004@psych.ac.cn


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