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IUPsyS (International Union of Psychological Science) Sponsored Symposia


Presidential Symposium



Convener:  Michel Denis    France



Title:  Psychology meets technology


Symposium of IUPsyS Past-Presidents


Convener:  Kurt K. Pawlik    Germany
Title:  Psychological trends in retrospect and prospect


Invited Symposia


Convener:  John G. Adair    Canada
Title:  The internationalization of psychology
Convener:  Ruben Ardila     Colombia
Title:   Psychology in the future
Convener:  Merry Bullock    USA
Title:  Scientific reasoning development -- current directions
Convener:  Cigdem Kagitcibasi    Turkey
Title:  Contributions of psychology to enhancing cognitive competence
Conveners:  Ype H. Poortinga    Netherlands
                       Klaus R. Scherer    Switzerland
Title:  Seeking convergence of the natural and the cultural in cross- cultural emotions research
Convener:  Pierre Ritchie    Canada
Title:  International advances in clinical health psychology: The IUPsyS-WHO collaboration on adherence


IAAP (International Association of Applied Psychology) Sponsored Symposia


Invited Symposia


Convener:  John Berry     Canada
Title:   Applications of psychology to public policy. Part 1
Convener:  John Berry     Canada
Title:   Applications of psychology to public policy. Part 2
Convener:  Terry Hartig    Sweden     
Title:  Restoration and restorative environments
Convener:   Jose M. Prieto    Spain
Title:  The psychological basis of trust
Convener:   Christine Roland-Levy    France
Title:  Economic psychology


ITC (International Test Commission) Sponsored Symposia


Invited Symposia


Conveners:  Dave Bartram    UK
                       Iain Coyne    UK
Title:  Computer-based testing: Ethical, technological and practical issues
Convener:  Bruce A. Bracken    USA
Title:  Advances in equitable assessment practices
Convener:  Thomas Oakland    USA
Title:  Test development and use in selected Asian countries
Conveners:  Ronald K. Hambleton    USA
                       Bruno Zumbo   Canada
Title:  Advances in test translation methodology


WFMHCRP (World Federation for Mental Health Committee on Responsible Parenthood) Sponsored Symposia


Invited Symposia


Conveners: Susan Pick    Mexico
                      Xiaoming Li    USA
Title:  Sex and sexuality around the world. Part 1: Integrating sexuality education, responsible parenthood
           and policy development
Conveners: Susan Pick    Mexico
                      Xiaoming Li    USA
Title:  Sex and sexuality around the world. Part 2: HIV prevention: Examples of programs and best practices
           in different parts of the world


APA (American Psychological Association) Sponsored Symposia

  Invited Symposia
    Convener:  Linda A. Camras    USA
Title:  Children's development in China and the United States
Conveners:  Alice Eagly    USA
                       John Archer   UK
Title:  The origins of sex differences in human behavior
Conveners:  Frederick T. L. Leong    USA
                       Mark Savickas    USA
Title:  Applying career development models in Asia
Convener:      Robert F. Ostermann   USA
Title:  The SWS-Survey of occupational and mental health: Cross-cultural adaptation and validation
Convener:  Robert F. Ostermann    USA
Title:  Translating and adapting psychological tests for cross-cultural uses: Problems, solutions, models
           and guidelines

APS (American Psychological Society) Sponsored Symposia


APS International Fellows Symposium


Conveners:  Giyoo Hatano    Japan
                       Rochel Gelman   USA
Title:  International research collaborations


Invited Symposia


Convener:  Rochel Gelman    USA
Title:  Development and learning: New frontiers
Convener:  Kay Deaux    USA
Title:  Looking at immigrants: What influences attitudes and evaluations of the newcomer?
Convener:  Sam Glucksberg    USA
Title:  Pragmatics of language use


JSSP (Japanese Society of Social Psychology) Sponsored Symposia


Invited Symposia


Convener:  Yumi Endo    Japan
Title:  The social foundations underlying our understanding of this world:  
           How shared reality is constructed through the act of communication
Convener:  Kazumi Renge    Japan
Title:  Traffic accidents: Psychological contribution to analysis and prevention



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