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  Presidential Address

  Michel Denis 

 France  Psychological science in its multidisciplinary environment
  Special Address by Nobel Laureate
  Daniel Kahneman  USA  A perspective on cognitive illusions
  Keynote Addressses
  Norman B. Anderson   USA  Understanding and eliminating health disparities in the United States: A multidimensional research approach to a public health challenge

  Hiroshi Azuma


 Conceptual issues of cultural psychology
  Lars Bäckman  Sweden  The role of dopamine functions in cognitive aging
  Colin Blakemore


 Consciousness: When, where and why?
  Paul De Boeck   Belgium  Psychometric modeling as an approach to analyzing the situational and personal components of emotions
  Helio Carpintero   Spain  Applied psychology in the 20th century: A historical perspective
  Hsuan-Chih Chen   Hong Kong (China)  Language and cognition: A cross-language perspective
  Sang-Chin Choi    Korea  Comparison between the rule of law and the way of the heart: Analysis of  Western and Eastern conception of social relationship
  Axel Cleeremans   Belgium  Conscious and unconscious cognition: A graded, dynamic
  Michael C. Corballis   New Zealand  The divided brain
  J. P. Das   Canada  The rules and tools of intelligence: How IQ became obsolete
  Michael Davis   USA  Neural systems involved in fear, anxiety and extinction
  Michael Domjan   USA  A functional approach to the study of Pavlovian conditioning
  Raymond D. Fowler   USA  The history and current status of international psychology
  Charles Gallistel  USA  Learning and memory
  Daniel Gopher   Israel  Control processes in the formation of task units: The confluence of emerging properties and intentional effort
  Diane F. Halpern   USA  States of mind: Political systems as implicit  theories of psychology 
  Glyn Humphreys   UK  The interaction between doing and seeing: Evidence from experimental and neuro-psychology
  Stephen M. Kosslyn   USA  Visual mental images in the brain
  Leon Mann   Australia  Investigating five models of leadership: Journeys, decisions,  character, roles, and relationships
  Lars-Göran Nilsson   Sweden  The genetic contribution to individual differences in memory function
  Richard Nisbett   USA  The circle and the line: Eastern and Western ways of thinking
  Arne Öhman   Sweden  Automatic processes in the capture of attention and activation of  emotion
  Lauren Resnick   USA  From individual learning to learning organizations: Principles of learning for teaching and schooling
  Klaus R. Scherer   Switzerland  Emotion--Its past and future in science and society
  Ralf Schwarzer   Germany  Self-regulatory processes in health behavior change
  Tim Shallice   UK  Subprocesses of supervisory control in willed thought and action
  Rainer K. Silbereisen   Germany  Social change and adolescent transitions to adulthood
  Charles D. Spielberger   USA  Stress, Type-A behavior, anger-hostility, and heart disease
  Arlette Streri   France  Touch in infancy: The development of haptic abilities in  young infants
  Anne Treisman   USA  Binding and conscious experience
  Fons van de Vijver   Netherlands  Culture and psychology: Recent insights
  Zhongming Wang   China  Leadership competency and implicit assessment modeling
  State-of-the -Art  Addresses

  Susan M. Andersen


 The relational self
  Talis Bachmann   Estonia  A single metatheoretical framework for a number of conscious vision phenomena
  Vladimir A. Barabanschikov   Russia  Russian psychology at the cross-roads
  John Berry   Canada  Cross-cultural psychology: An ecocultural perspective
  Marc H. Bornstein   USA  Cross-cultural views of parenting
  Claus Bundesen   Denmark  Models of attention
  Joseph Campos   USA  The future of the study of emotion
  Alfonso Caramazza   USA  Words, grammar and the brain
  Fanny M. Cheung   Hong Kong (China)  A combined emic-etic approach to cross-cultural personality assessment: The case of the CPAI
  Kay Deaux   USA  The immigrant experience: Negotiating identity in context
  Qi Dong   China  The learning of a second language
  Peter Gollwitzer   Germany  The psychology of goals
  Peter Graf   Canada  Prospective memory
  Winfried Hacker   Germany  Design problem solving -- Possibilities of improvement
  Masako Jitsumori   Japan  Categorization and concept formation in pigeons: A perspective on comparative cognition
  Hayao Kawai   Japan  Mind and body in Japanese culture
  Frank Keil   USA  How children come to grasp the causal structure of the world
  Uichol Kim   Korea  Psychological analysis of human potential, creativity and action: Indigenous, cultural, and comparative perspectives
  Kim Kirsner   Australia  Spontaneous speech: A ‘timely’ review
  Robert Ladouceur   Canada  Understanding, identifying, and treating pathological gamblers
  Patrick Lemaire   France  Cognitive aging: Some recent developments
  Keng Chen Liang   Taiwan (China )  Neural circuitry involved in avoidance learning and memory: The amygdala and beyond
  Wenjuan Lin   China  The involvement of psychological processes in immunocompetence -- Mind and health
  Hans J. Markowitsch   Germany  Memory and memory disorders: Neuroimaging correlates of organic damage and psychic disorders
  Wolfgang H. R. Miltner   Germany  Neural foundations of threat processing in anxious subjects
  Lars Nyberg   Sweden  Imaging cognition
  Alfonso Orantes   Venezuela  Activating historical and conceptual links in the realm on instruction in Latin America
  Denise C. Park   USA  The cognitive neuroscience of aging
  Emilio Ribes-Inesta   Mexico  Which should be the contribution of psychology to education
  Jerker Rönnberg   Sweden  Cognitive and neuroscience perspectives on speech and sign processing: Evidence from persons with deafness, hearing impairment, and normal hearing
  Nancy Felipe Russo   USA  Violence against women: A global health issue
  Tharakad S. Sarswathi   India  Adolescence in a global perspective
  Gun R. Semin   Netherlands  The social psychology of language
  Ramadhar Singh   Singapore  Dealing with norm and meta-norm violators: Cultural differences in thoughts or social functionalist mindsets?
  Maxine Stitzer   USA  Drug abuse treatment: The road from research to practice
  Jan Strelau   Poland  Individual Differences as Predictors of Psychological Costs Resulting from Disaster
  Carlo Umilta   Italy  The neuropsychology of mathematical cognition
  Giorgio Vallortigara   Italy  Cerebral lateralization in comparative and evolutionary perspective
  Dengfeng Wang   China  The Big-Seven model of Chinese personality: Structure,
 measurement, and comparisons with the Big-Five model
  Henry M. Wellman   USA  Theory of mind: A core human cognition
  Susumu Yamaguchi  Japan  Self-esteem in cultural contexts

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