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The International Congress of Psychology is a unique gathering of international psychologists from all disciplines within psychology. As such, the published proceedings of the Congress provide a comprehensive up-to-date overview of the developments within and challenges facing every area of psychology.

The International Union of Psychological Science has agreed with Psychology Press that the contributions by the Invited Speakers at the International Congress, including the Presidential Address, the Special Address by Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, the Keynote Addresses, and the State-of-the-Art Lectures will be published as soon as possible after the Congress has taken place.

The invited papers will be published in two volumes, broadly collected by subject. Volume 1 will contain papers on cognitive and developmental issues (ISBN 1-84169-961-6); while Volume 2 will contain papers on personal, gender, social, and cultural issues (ISBN 1-84169-962-4). The volumes will be edited by representatives of both the Beijing Congress Committee and the International Union of Psychological Science, including Qicheng Jing, Mark Rosenzweig, Géry d'Ydewalle, Houcan Zhang and H.C. Chen, assisted by an editorial board representing the Scientific Program Committee of the Congress.

After the Congress each volume will be priced at $120.00 US, however either or both volumes may be pre-ordered at a 50% discount - $60.00 per volume. This price includes postage and packing. Please fill in and return the attached pre-publication order form (or visit the Proceedings website) to place your order.

The volumes are due to be published six to twelve months after the Congress. We will hold your details and send you a pro-forma invoice shortly before publication. Books will be dispatched on receipt of payment. If you change your address after placing your order, please contact the publisher.


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Volume 2: Personal, gender, social, and cultural issues (1-84169-962-4) $60.00 inc. p&p …
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