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Dear Colleagues and Friends,
It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to Beijing to attend the 28th International Congress of Psychology (ICP2004). This Congress is unique in that it is the first International Congress of Psychology to be held in an Asian developing country, so it provides a special opportunity for exchanges in all areas of psychology, and among different cultures of the world. Holding the Congress in Beijing - a thriving center for contemporary scientific, technological and business advances, an example of global confluence and exchanges - seems an especially appropriate way to contribute to the advancement of psychology.

We highly appreciate the accomplishments made by psychology in the past century and foreseeing its potential development in the future, bringing together distinguished psychologists at a large international congress provides a unique opportunity to discuss how psychology can contribute to mankind and a safer world. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has been pleased to support the planning and organization of the Congress. I would like to express my appreciation for your commitment in joining us in Beijing. We hope you will be enriched, stimulated by, and greatly enjoy an excellent program that highlights scientific psychology and its applications in all areas of the discipline.

Beijing and China welcome you with open arms, and hope that you will have a scientifically and socially productive experience in Beijing.

      Yongxiang Lu
      President, Chinese Academy of Sciences
      Vice-Chairman, Standing Committee, National People’s Congress, PRC


  Qicheng Jing
 President of ICP2004


Dear Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure, as President of the 28th International Congress of Psychology (ICP2004), to invite you to participate in the Congress which will take place in Beijing, August 8-13, 2004. It will be hosted by the Chinese Psychological Society, under the auspices of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS), a member of the International Council for Science (ICSU).
A strong scientific program is the major purpose of the Congress. The Congress has invited 80 world renowned scientists to give Keynote and State-of-the-Art addresses, representing different fields of psychology and related disciplines.We also have more than 210 invited symposia, a large number of thematic oral
sessions, as well as many interactive poster sessions. The expected attendance is around 4,500. This will be the first International Congress of Psychology to be held in a developing Asian country.
We highly welcome your participation in the Congress, either in participating in an invited symposium, in presenting a paper, or by taking part in an interactive poster session. Your participation would greatly enhance the scientific program of the Congress. My colleagues and I would be honored by your participation.
China is a fast developing country, with both ancient cultural heritages and modern achievements. Beijing and its vicinity are especially noted for ancient Chinese imperial sites, such as the Great Wall and the Imperial Palace. The venue of the Congress is the Beijing International Convention Center near the downtown area of Beijing, surrounded by good hotels with convenient facilities.
We warmly welcome colleagues from all over the world to Beijing for this event.

         Qicheng Jing 
         President, ICP2004


Michel Denis
President, IUPsyS


Dear colleagues,
It is my special honor and pleasure to invite psychologists from the global community to participate in the forthcoming 28th International Congress of Psychology, to be held in Beijing, China, August 8-13, 2004.
The International Union of Psychological Science welcomed China's offer to host our Congress. China has long been involved in the life of the Union. It has been a National Member since 1980; a Chinese colleague has been continuously present on the Executive Committee since 1984. China has been active in the initiatives of the Union over the last 20 years, especially in fostering collaboration in the Asian region. The Chinese Psychological Society has been a strong voice in the development of psychology at the national and regional level. It has also played a significant role in promoting the international development of psychology. It was thus abundantly clear that our Chinese friends and colleagues would be very appropriate hosts for this major scientific event in international psychology.
We are now eagerly anticipating this unique opportunity for psychologists to gather for open exchange in a stimulating scientific and cultural environment. The Union has worked hand in hand with Chinese colleagues to ensure the quality of the program and the organization. I would like personally to thank Prof. Qicheng Jing, President of the Congress, for having coordinated a dedicated team of colleagues through the successive steps of the Congress planning and organization. The world psychology community will benefit from the Congress. I extend a hearty invitation to everyone to contribute to an exceptional scientific event next year in Beijing!

     Michel Denis
     President, IUPsyS



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