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  The 28th International Congress of Psychology will be held in keeping with the requirements of  IUPsyS and in the tradition of other large, international conferences. The topics and group divisions of the meeting will cover all the relevant spheres of psychology, with an emphasis on  psychology and culture. While inviting people from all over the world, CPS will take measures to encourage the participation of delegates from developing countries. The daily schedule will be planned to suit the wishes of the delegates. The meeting will be set against a backdrop of Chinese culture and participants can take advantage of the setting to do some travel before or after the meeting.  
  Organization of the ICP2004

President: Qicheng Jing  
Secretary-General: Kan Zhang
Deputy Secretary-General: Buxin Han,  Shaoyuan Wu  
Chairperson, Organizing Committee: Kan Zhang
Deputy Chairpersons: Hua Shu, Xiaolan Fu  
Chairperson, Scientific Committee: Yufang Yang
Deputy Chairpersons: Yanjie Su, Xiaolin Zhou

  Executive Committee

Qicheng Jing

President, ICP2004; Past Vice President, IUPsyS
Gery d'Ydewalle Ex Officio, Liaison, IUPsyS; Past President, IUPsyS
Houcan Zhang Vice-President, IUPsyS
Kan Zhang Secretary-General, ICP2004; President, CPS
Hsuan-Chih Chen Professor, Department of Psychology, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yongming Chen Treasurer, ICP 2004; Past President, CPS
Chongde Lin Vice President, CPS

Zhongxian Lin

Past President, CPS
Deli Shen Past Vice President, CPS
Su Wang Past President, CPS
Yufang Yang Secretary-General, CPS
Yutan Zhang Secretary-General, Chinese Association of Science and Technology 
  International Advisory Committee

Kurt Pawlik (Germany)
John Adair (Canada) Kevin McConkey (Australia)
Ruben Ardila (Colombia) Jitendra Mohan (India)
Hiroshi Azuma (Japan) Elizabeth Nair (Singapore)
A. V. Brushlinsky *(Russia) Lars-Goran Nilsson (Sweden)
Saths Cooper (South Africa) Jose Prieto (Spain)
Fergus I. M. Craik (Canada) Mark Rosenzweig (USA)
Michel Denis (France) Herbert  A. Simon* (USA)
Gery d’ Ydewalle (Belgium) Harold  W. Stevenson (USA)
Raymond D. Fowler (USA) Jan Strelau (Poland)
Hiroshi Imada (Japan) Bernhard  Wilpert (Germany)
Cigdam Kagitcibasi (Turkey)
* Deceased
  China Advisory Committee
Chairman: Li Chen
Members: Jimmy Chan Deli Shen
Wenbo Che Yunying Wan
Fanny M, Cheung Zhongming Wang
Yaoxian Gong Liancang Xu
Linchu Guan Shangxia Xu
Xiting Huang Guocai Yan
Henry S. R. Kao Xinhui Yang
Peizi Kuang Zhiliang Yang
Xintian Li Zhiguang Zhang
Dahua Luo Qian Zhou
Zhaolan Meng Manshu Zhu
Xiaochun Miao Ying Zhu
Lei Mo Yongxin Zhu
Lun Ouyang Zuxiang Zhu
Danling Peng

The Program for the 28th International Congress of Psychology held in Beijing will include the following components: 
Welcome Speech by President of ICP2004
IUPsyS Presidential Address
Keynote Addresses
State-of-the-Art Lectures
Invited Symposia
Thematic Oral Sessions
Conversation Hour
Young Psychologists Program

Topic Category List


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