The Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) will be the site of the meetings of the 2004 Congress. The Beijing International Convention Center has enough meeting space to accommodate 5,000 people. The BICC has an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere, the main meeting hall can hold 2,500 people. and other fully-equipped meeting rooms can hold 60 or more people. There is a spacious registration hall, two lounges (one regular, one VIP) for rest and conversation, offices, and bars on each floor, providing friendly work and rest spaces for organizers and delegates. There are complete supporting facilities in the BICC, including a recreation hall, a shopping center, and restaurants. There is also a telecommunications center, business center, copying and photo processing center, and other modern facilities. In the rooms, exhibition hall, and open spaces, the BICC offers 300 standard exhibition sites. Thus, meeting spaces, exhibition areas, offices, dining, accommodations, entertainment and shopping are all conveniently located together. Twenty kilometers to the east of the BICC is the Capital International Airport, while the railway station is eleven kilometers to the south. Traffic is convenient to the Summer Palace, the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall.


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